2D Animation Services

Our rich and talented pool of highly creative, skilled and English-speaking animation experts are adept at working successfully on all your requirements – be it Classical Animation, Flash Animation, Toon Boom, Character Animation, and more. Your 2D Animator will use state-of-the-art techniques such as custom animation, cell animation to make an image come to life to create 2D animation movies, e-cards and games, interactive CD presentations and advertisements.

With the help of modern tools, we create visually stimulating and well-designed animations to help you project your products and services better to your customers. By hiring our 2D animators, you are guaranteed top-notch quality products at your budget and within your schedule.

2D Animation

Our 2D animators are well-versed with tasks such as conceptualizing, designing, storyboarding, animatics, editing for production of commercial and traditional animations. We ensure that all the characters are designed with extensive research, keeping the background in mind. Multimedia Animators is your ultimate destination for all your animation requirements.

Why you should hire 2D animators from Multimedia Animators?
  • You can hire one 2D animator or more, but you will benefit from the experience of the entire team of Multimedia Animators.
  • We recruit highly skilled and experienced animators from across India.
  • An in-house Team Lead supervises the work and ensures timely delivery and top-notch quality product.
  • We establish a direct robust communication channel to ensure successful project management.
  • Avail Free Trial to ensure credibility and know well in advance what you can expect from us.
  • We provide free sketches and 100% money back is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the work delivered by our team.
  • We’re dedicated to providing animation solutions to fulfill your needs, in your budget and within your schedule.

Sketch, Storyboard and Background

Sketches and storyboards are essential tools to accurately visualize and outline your requirements. Our animators start by understanding your initial concepts and create characters sketches and storyboard sequences. Our unique storyboard technology helps us create production layouts, character designs, story flow, etc. It displays the key elements of your requirements at a glance: concept, characters, setting, action and emotion and more.

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Professional Animation

We help bring your ideas, logos, products and characters to life. Animations are one of the most powerful mediums for conveying your message and creating a lasting impression on your customers. We develop and create professional animations to help promote your product and services in the market.

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Traditional and Classic Animation

Traditional & Classic animation techniques involves the creation of each frame by hand. Despite losing relevance since the advent of computer animations, it still holds a special place in the animation world. Traditional hand-drawn animations are extremely attractive as it uses complex, detailed movements of various outlines and blends them fluidly into shape in 2D motions. It is one of the oldest and most appealing form of animation of which only a handful of truly creative artists remain. Usually, traditional animation incorporates 12 drawings per second to put an object in motion. This not only requires exceptional drawing skills but also lightning speed. Multimedia Animators ensures you both.

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Motion Graphics Animation

Motion Graphics animations are a powerful medium to bring pictures, statistics and still content to life and engage customers unlike ever before! Our animators start with dynamic storyboarding and deliver flawlessly executed videos that connects with your audience instantly. Our motion graphics services combine both visual and auditory modes to incite strong emotions and creates solid connection between your brand and your audience. Our motion graphics animations includes comic book style, graphic novel videos, cartoon-style videos, 2D animated characters, images and animated infographics.

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White Board Animation

Whiteboard animations are extremely popular among animators, marketers and educators. It is a unique animation style wherein a story is drawn on a whiteboard. Whiteboard animation holds the viewers’ attention due to the constant drawing motions on the screens. They tend to stay engaged and watch such videos for a longer duration. Moreover, whiteboard animations improves conversion rates as viewers are more likely to purchase a product or subscribe to a newsletter after watching a video than reading texts only.

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GIF & Infographics Animation

Content is being created at a stunning rate these days – more than 50% marketers worldwide create at least one piece of new content every day! The pressure to stand out can become unnerving for anyone. We have a solution in the form of Gifographics – infusing GIFs and Infographics together! Our artists and animators creatively use the motion graphics element of a GIF and combine it with the formal structure of an inforgraphics to create a unique visual treat for the audiences.

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Cartoon Animation

Cartoon animations are used to create easily identifiable characters which helps to convey your message, promote your website or even sell your products. At Multimedia Animators, we create varied cartoon animations for our clients - be it for commercial, educational or personal purposes. From complex 3D compositions and animations, 2D cartoon characters and videos, to comic book-like productions; our artists are creative experts who will fulfill all your expectations.

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Creative Animation

Worried about selling your concept or vision to your audience? Through our innovative animations, we produce stunning, life-like animations and help you to mesmerize your customers. We specialize in 2D/3D animations & designs, modeling, compositing and whiteboard animations, and are known for our uncanny knack of creativity and impeccable execution, which results in artistic animations.

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8 Reasons why you should hire us?

Multimedia Animations offers designs, animations, videos, graphics and development services for businesses across the world. We help our clients tell their story and fulfill their visions. We are passionate about designs and our mission is to deliver quality experiences through innovation and creativity.

We’ve helped everyone from startups to SMEs and Fortune 500 companies to build simple, beautiful and easy-to-use products as we believe high-quality animations and digital solutions are your right.

4 Hours Free Trial

A free trial is a win-win situation for our clients. Find out what makes our services special and get an insight into the exceptional quality that we promise to deliver, before signing a long-term contract with us.

Free Sketches

We provide free sketches to our clients. It helps us to arrive at a mutual conclusion before a money, time and effort is invested in creating the product.

Free Tech Assistance

We offer free tech support to maximize your efficiency and ensure quick solutions without the slightest hassle.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All or nothing for us! We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied by our work.

NDA (Ownership of Work)

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed with our employees to ensure confidentiality of your information. You will have complete ownership of the work created by our team.

Transparent Work Process

Transparency is key to our association with our clients. Our relationship and work processes are devoid of any hidden agenda or malice of any kind.

Direct Communication

Our trained and knowledgeable professionals boast of impeccable communication skills which ensure zero gaps and hindrances in your project delivery.

Strict Deadlines & Stringent Budget

We promise to deliver exceptional products, within your budget and your schedule always.

We’ve Made Happy Over 3 Million Customers

Thank you very much for the very good work. Don’t worry about the little delay in delivery, we totally understand and the quality justifies it.I was a pleasure working with you! Of course we will work together again if we need any other animation or such.


Hired - 2D Animation Expert

yes I be happy to give feedback. It was very professional nothing was a problem to anyone that I had dealings with and the attitude to all staff was 10 out of 10.

Gary Little

Hired - 2D Animation Expert

As mentioned on the chat we are really impressed with the work carried out on the trial and are ready to proceed with signing a contract for ongoing development work.


Hired - 2D Animation Expert

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