Architectural Design

Our designs are destined to deliver your dreams! If your dream structure is residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing facility or otherwise, Multimedia Animators’ architectural designers are adept at translating your needs and are skilled at delivering effective aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions. MA experienced designers specialize in programming, planning, budgeting and creating collaborative designs resulting in innovative, cost-effective and sustainable design solutions. We imply a perfect amalgamation of innovation, strategy and quality to keep your projects running smoothly, on-time and within your desired budget. Because, at the heart of all our efforts is the zeal to fulfill your vision and give a shape to your dreams!

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Mechanical Design Solutions

Ready to convert your ideas into reality? From key rings, steamer boats to beach resorts and smart robots, we’ve designed it all! Our designers are armed with mechanical design solutions to help create expertly-engineered products to give your vision a definite shape. From start-ups, to SMEs and MNCs, we are a one-stop solution for businesses of all sizes and provide fully-developed solutions at all stages of the product development cycle. If you are looking for design solutions to ensure your product is ready to be the marketplace leader, Multimedia Animators’ mechanical design solutions are your best bet!

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HVAC (MEP) Design

If you are renovating your home or drawing up the plans for a new office building, a good design is the first step to ensuring that all your heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC systems) needs are met. Multimedia Animators’ experienced architectural designers are renowned for providing engineering designs and solutions focused on full-service HVAC work ensuring that your time in your home and offices are always spent comfortably without breaking any sweat. From sizing to distribution to ventilation, our designs follow the industry-standard protocols for all architectural designs. Our HVAC system designs have resulted in reduced operating costs and maintenance and distinctive improvements in air quality and system reliability for our clients across the world.

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