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Are you ready to convert your dreams into world-class products? Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers with a fascination mix of animation and illustrations on your website and mobile applications? Looking to outsource your design and animation requirements but haven’t found the people who will help convert your vision into reality? Outsource all your design and animation requirements to Multimedia Animators and sit back and let magic happen!

Read these frequently asked questions on outsourcing to Multimedia Animators and send us your requirements today.

Multimedia Animators – your one-choice destination for designs & animatons

We are a flourishing community of designers, architects, developers and professionals who help businesses grow by crafting experiences that you will cherish. Multimedia Animators is a pioneer in design and animation outsourcing services. We, at Multimedia Animators, are creators and service providers of world-class animations, videos, designs and graphics and create products to facilitate the success of your marketing objectives.

Our goal is to help our clients tell their story and fulfill their visions. We are passionate about designing and our mission is to deliver experiences through our creativity. We have the talent, experience, and expertise to create the benchmarks for the world of animations and designs. We offer a host of design and animation services including:

  • Animations & Designs
  • Game & Applications
  • Videos & Photos Editing
  • Architectural/Engineering Solutions
  • Graphics & Print Media Services
  • Agency Partnership Program
Absolutely! Multimedia Animators’ gives you the opportunity to build your own overseas office at zero cost setup. You can hire one resource or more, but you will benefit from the experience of our entire team and get a readymade office at 78% less costs. You will have 100% control of your employee, your office and your requirements with Multimedia Animators.
  • Although, we guarantee our clients with the most cost-effective services in the industry, we also place plenty of emphasis on delivery of high-quality products only within your budget and your schedule.
  • We provide free sketches and 100% money back is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the work delivered by us.
  • You can avail Free Trial to ensure credibility and know well in advance what you can expect from us.
  • We guarantee security, privacy & confidentiality at every level of the outsourcing and product development process.
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement with all our resources to safeguard crucial client information and data.
  • We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities & infrastructure and ensure complete data integrity using latest security technologies.
You can choose any communication channel that best suits you—phone, email or chat. Also, you can call us on our toll free number listed on our website or can also simply, leave us a message and we will get back to you immediately. All our resources are well-versed in the English language, and hence, you will not encounter any language barriers. For your ease, all our communication will take place in the English language only.
We are passionate about designing and our mission is to deliver extraordinary qualitative experiences through our creativity. Our resources have the talent, experience, and expertise to create the benchmarks for the animations and designs industry. We have a strict and rigorous hiring process which allows us to hire the best talents from across India. Our employees are certified candidates with plenty of years of industry experience and relevant training and are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge through trainings, conferences and workshops.
Besides the guarantee of a top-notch quality product, we are feted by our clients for our super quick turnaround time. You should outsource your requirements to us and get ready for your products to be delivered ahead of schedule. It usually takes us less than 2 weeks to develop on an average 30-60 minutes of animated videos.
Yes, we sign non-disclosure agreements and service level agreements with all our resources and clients to safeguard all your product information and data. We employ the best security measures to guarantee that all your confidential data will be kept completely secure.
We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities & infrastructure and ensure complete data integrity using latest security technologies. Being a CMMI level 3 certified company, we are rigorously trained and technologically equipped to handle all your requirements efficiently. We use top-notch industry standard software, technology and infrastructure only. Moreover, you have an added advantage of saving your costs on expensive software, technology and office infrastructure with us.

Hiring an employee from Multimedia Animators is a luxury for you. All you need to do is share your requirements or job description and we will do the rest for you!

  • After conducting a thorough and rigorous hiring process, we will shortlist and send resumes of potential candidates suitable for you task and project.
  • You can review them and select the ones you would like to interview.
  • We will hire only when you are completely satisfied. If you are not satisfied, we will continue the process till we find the ideal resource for you!

Moreover, these services are provided absolutely free of charge to you!

Outsource your Design and Animation Services to Multimedia Animators

We hire resources only when you say so! You can Send Us Your Requirement by filling the form with you details, your concept, or simply your basic idea or vision of the product. We begin our rigorous process of shortlisting candidates for you. After the initial tests and reviews are done by our teams, we set up a direct conference call or video call between you and the shortlisted candidates before the final selection. All the headache and pain of finding and hiring resources are taken care of by us and you can start work with your dedicated resource immediately. It’s that simple!
We will provide regular status updates during the course of the project. One of our experienced team leaders or project managers will manage your product at every step of the project. You can contact us any time to get the status or share your feedback. Moreover, we will give you unlimited revisions of the final concept that you have selected until you are satisfied with the designs.
We create videos to fulfill all your needs. From 2D, 3D Animations, to Motion graphics, Advertisements, and White Board animations, Game Development and Promotional Videos; we offer a whole host of video creation and editing services. If you have an idea and want a video created for it, outsource to Multimedia Animators and see your concept come to life.
The cost incurred by you totally depends on the quality, length and the medium used to create the video. However, we guarantee atleast 78% less costs for all the services we provide to you. We do not charge anything for the employee hiring process, office infrastructure or providing team support for your project; we only charge you for the cost of the resource.
Absolutely! You can have a free trial with your exclusive employee, lasting upto 4 hours. If you intend to continue thereafter, you will incur the additional charges.
We are open to all possibilities to ensure your project comes to fruition with us. You can hire part-time employees also!
You can simply Send Us Your Requirement or Call Us on our toll free numbers from anywhere across the world. Alternately, leave us your message and you contact number and we will get back to you immediately.
Communication is a key element of outsourcing your requirements to us. We ensure rock-solid communication stream with your exclusive resource during and after the completion of your project. We can provide your resource with a telephone with a local number from your country. You can communicate via phone, email, video conference, Skype, Gtalk and stay abreast 24*7 with your project development.
You can keep a track at all the stages of the product development process. Your exclusive employee will keep you abreast of the progress of the job through our mutual pre-defined approval process. Moreover, we have kept all the communication channels open 24/7 including e-mails, phones, Skype and others.
Definitely! Our goal is to satisfy your requirements and fulfil your vision to the utmost satisfaction. Your regular inputs are key aspect of our product development process. You can give us any reference and we will be happy to emulate it as per your requirements and to your utmost satisfaction.
We hire dedicated resources for you who work from our professional, well-equipped, state-of-the-art and supervised offices. We are different from oDesk or other freelancing websites as unlike freelancers who are external resources, we offer exclusive employees working out of our offices for you. Unlike a freelancer who works on simultaneous projects, your Multimedia Animators resource works exclusively for you. In essence, our office is your office, our staff in India is your staff, and you can manage the employee the way you want with us.

multimedia animators – Pricing, mode of payment and zero hidden costs!

We offer pre-paid services only. Once you have hired a Multimedia Animators employee, we would require payment for the 1st month's invoice, the 15-day notice period fee along with a copy of the signed contract before they start working for you.
Our preferred mode of payment is Wire Transfer, However, you may also pay via our payment gateway or Google checkout through Master Card or Visa.
No! Being a professional organization of repute, we guarantee the best ROI value for your projects. After you get in touch with us, we discuss all your requirements and once you have hired an employee with us, we strictly adhere to the quoted prices only. If the need to alter the price or quote arises at any time, we will communicate this to you before any extra work gets started.

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