Game Development

Want to create the next viral Angry Birds game or an action-adventure phenomena like the God of War series? If you intend to keep the world hooked to your next puzzle, adventure, action, simulation or Virtual Reality games, Multimedia Animators’ designers will help transform your creative ideas into a thrilling game for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Game Development

As a leading game development company, we are renowned for developing simple puzzle games and complex alien worlds loaded with intense graphics for a desktop platform for our clients. Our extensive experience and innovative gaming tools helps reduce time and cost of game development significantly.

If you want to build games loaded with animations for cross platforms, our team of experienced game designers and developers will integrate exciting graphics and trending features to make your games more interactive across technologies, genres and demographics. From R&D to exclusive designs to development, we're capable of converting your vision into viral games which will take the gaming world by a storm.

Why you should hire Game Developers from Multimedia Animators?
  • Our iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile game developers and designers are well equipped to create games for all mobile platforms.
  • You can hire one game designer or more, but you will benefit from the experience of the entire team of Multimedia Animators’ designers.
  • You will enlist the services of highly skilled and experienced designers who have created 20+ games of different genres.
  • An in-house Team Lead supervises the work of all the resources and ensures timely delivery and top-notch quality product.
  • We will establish a direct robust communication channel between you and our designers to ensure successful project management.
  • You can avail Free Trial to ensure credibility and know well in advance what you can expect from us.
  • We provide free sketches and 100% money back is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the work delivered by our team.
  • We’re dedicated to providing design solutions to fulfill your needs, in your budget and within your schedule.

Puzzle Games

The foundation of a good puzzle lies in the fact that the player yells out a slight hurrah when all the levels are clear on the screen! However, most games fail to provide this satisfaction to the users. Our designers are focused on delivering the ideal experience our clients intend to give to the player and mold the gameplay towards that goal. They get in the shoes of the audience first to understand what they would want in the game and answer questions like how do you design a puzzle to provoke the eureka moment, what gives a puzzle its aesthetic, its pace and style and how can they make it simple and yet thrilling all at once?

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Casino Games

Casino games designing requires plenty of skills including expertise in platform design, compliance review, system integration and EGM manufacturing. We have built a strong team of casino game designers who work on a robust game development platform using the latest technologies. Our designers have core expertise in developing games for all Mobile and Online platforms. You can choose from a wide range of casino games which are fun, fresh and innovative and keeps gaming audiences engaged and entertained.

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Simulation Games

Our designers develop simulation games using industry standard software tools and game design principles. To give clarity and an insight into our processes, we also provide our clients working prototypes of electronic games and simulations. Our designers conduct necessary audience analysis and development, along with working on aesthetics, to make your simulation games interactive and user-friendly. We have a lab that boasts of the industry's best and latest technologies.

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Strategy Games

We create real-time strategy games using advanced gaming technologies. They are based on high-level game theories and the emphasis is placed on deep thinking and strategic planning for creating multiple levels and scenarios for such games. A superior level of planning is required to play these games as they include warfare in varying degrees. Keeping the strategic combat scenarios in mind, our designers plan and design these games to make them extremely thrilling and challenging based on your requirements.

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Arcade Games

Gameplay, user interfaces, core mechanics, character design, and storytelling are some of the key elements of creating a successful arcade game. Designing an arcade game is, in fact, more difficult than playing and winning it. Creating a successful arcade game program needs skills and plenty of experience as the technologies used are far more sophisticated than the ones used in simple games. Our arcade game designers are adept at using the latest technology for creating games which can become viral instantly!

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Console Games

The technology used for developing consoles has evolved considerably with time. User interaction and game play are essential for creating finely tuned user experience in console games. Our designers have created action, arcade, adventure, simulation and strategy games meant for the console platform. We develop games to mesmerize the online gaming world keeping in mind your specific requirements, be it for PS4 or Xbox One.

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First Person Shooter Games

Games like Quake, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty were among the first FPS games that brought about a revolution in the PC gaming industry. New entries like Doom and Battlefield have taken the FPS gaming experience to a new level altogether. Our designers help develop games for PCs and consoles, with a focus on integrating aspects of popular culture and cutting-edge video game technology.

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Racing Games

If speed on virtual tracks gives your users a rush like no other, games created by our racing game developers will give them an adrenaline rush like never before. Our designers employ new-age technologies including reverse engineering of racing game track designs, scientific graphs, graphics, models and sound effects which will make your racing game an instant hit amongst your target audience.

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Combat Games

A special eye for detail and plenty of creative planning are the prerequisites for making a successful combat game. Very few designers possess the expertise to develop a combat game as it involves implementing sound logic to help make the players correct split-second decisions. Showcasing the nitty-gritty of the combat games design includes the need for specific player controls and plenty of animations and effects. Based on your requirements, your budget and schedule, our designers will help create games that will rake in millions of downloads.

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Casual Games

As the name specifies, the main difference between a casual game and a hardcore game is that the player does not have to adhere to any strict rules to play a casual game. Casual games are generally easy to create as its development requires a simpler game format which is visually appealing and pleasant to use. Using proven experience on all game platforms, our designers are involved in creating unique game concepts and utilizing the proven design strategies to make it successful.

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Role Playing

A role playing game allows users to assume the role of a character, generally in a science fiction or fantasy setting. Our designers have in-depth understanding of the core RPG games characteristics and offer high-fidelity graphics, appealing storyline and quest levels design seamlessly integrated with core gameplay and other typical RPG game mechanics. From creating immersive storylines and character customization, our designers are adept at creating fun, interesting and viral games.

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Augmented Reality

You must be familiar with Pokemon Go? The game has shown us the potential of AR where users catch virtual Pokemon hidden throughout a map of real world. Virtual Football, Virtual Cricket, Virtual Golf, etc are amongst the other popular AR games. Augmented Reality games convert the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time. Our Augmented Reality design experts provide custom designs and facilitate unique experiences for the players. They help create a flawless experience - right from the inception till the execution of these trending games.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. A player experiences being in a three-dimensional environment and interacts with it in such games. VR games provide a realistic immersive gaming experience in the real world. Multimedia Animators’ design team comprises of some of the best VR game developers in the industry and provides complete design services for immersive virtual reality games for various platforms.

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8 Reasons why you should hire us?

Multimedia Animations offers designs, animations, videos, graphics and development services for businesses across the world. We help our clients tell their story and fulfill their visions. We are passionate about designs and our mission is to deliver quality experiences through innovation and creativity.

We’ve helped everyone from startups to SMEs and Fortune 500 companies to build simple, beautiful and easy-to-use products as we believe high-quality animations and digital solutions are your right.

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A free trial is a win-win situation for our clients. Find out what makes our services special and get an insight into the exceptional quality that we promise to deliver, before signing a long-term contract with us.

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We provide free sketches to our clients. It helps us to arrive at a mutual conclusion before a money, time and effort is invested in creating the product.

Free Tech Assistance

We offer free tech support to maximize your efficiency and ensure quick solutions without the slightest hassle.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All or nothing for us! We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied by our work.

NDA (Ownership of Work)

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed with our employees to ensure confidentiality of your information. You will have complete ownership of the work created by our team.

Transparent Work Process

Transparency is key to our association with our clients. Our relationship and work processes are devoid of any hidden agenda or malice of any kind.

Direct Communication

Our trained and knowledgeable professionals boast of impeccable communication skills which ensure zero gaps and hindrances in your project delivery.

Strict Deadlines & Stringent Budget

We promise to deliver exceptional products, within your budget and your schedule always.

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