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A recent survey concluded that 56% customers find print media to be the most trustworthy form of marketing and 44% amongst them were likely to visit a brand’s website after reviewing the print collaterals.

Printed media is essential for networking, client interactions, seminars and outdoor advertising. Moreover, its portability and easy visibility are key factors for grabbing attention of consumers. Whether you are handing out business cards or distributing leaflets or brochures, you can be immediately certain whether you have made a positive or negative impression on your consumers, unlike in digital communications.

Print Media

Print media designers have a major role to play in boosting marketing and business sales. If you are looking for quality print media collaterals, Multimedia Animators is your best bet. We create effective strategies to promote your products and services and create a buzz about your business. From logo designs to business stationery, brochures, letterheads to posters, standees and product designs; we work relentlessly with you to establish your unique brand and garner massive ROIs for all your investments.

Why you should hire Print Media experts from Multimedia Animators?
  • You can hire one print media expert or more, but you will benefit from the experience of the entire team of Multimedia Animators.
  • We recruit highly skilled and experienced print media experts from across India.
  • An in-house Team Lead ensures timely delivery and top-notch quality product.
  • A direct robust communication channel is established to ensure successful project management.
  • Avail Free Trial to ensure credibility and know well in advance what you can expect from us.
  • Free sketches and 100% money back is guaranteed, if you are not satisfied with the work delivered by our team.
  • We’re provide print media solutions of all kinds, within your budget and your schedule.

Logo Design

What sets Google, Facebook, Apple, Nike apart from the rest of businesses across the world? Apart from being big conglomerates, their logos are imprinted in our minds. The logo of your company is vital for both its online & offline branding and lends your company its identity.

We provide logo design services to our customers from across the world. Our professional logo designs are tailored to suit your brand’s culture, core values and sets them apart from your competitors.

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Letterhead Design

Unique letterhead designs effectively promotes your brand, products or services. An impressive and professional letterhead is a must to make a good first impression in front of your customers. A well designed letterhead prepares your client to read the body of your letter and contributes positively to building your brand experience.

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Business Cards Design

Business cards are usually shoved deep into wallets or get thrown away without even a second glance. To make instant impression on people, custom business cards are the need of the hour for you! They serve as effective conversation starters with your partners and business associates.

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Stationery Design

It’s time to let your brand stand out with an impressive stationery design! Branding your company's name or logo on various stationery items helps in marketing your company and its services well. Exquisitely-designed stationery leaves a lasting impression on your business prospects and acts as a handy marketing tool.

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Brochures Design

Brochures are primarily booklets containing information about your business. Surveys have proved that 71% of consumers believe brochures are useful for finding a service to suit their needs. Even in this digital era, the importance of a brochure hasn't faded away completely. For service- based businesses and B2B industries, a well-designed brochure serves as an amazing lead-nurturing tool.

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Flyers and Leaflet Design

If you believe flyers and leaflets are old-fashioned, it’s time to re-think! Even in this age of cutting-edge technology, flyers hold a massive sway on the audience and are an essential element of offline and outdoor marketing. Leaflets, that are posted or distributed, especially by small businesses, work extremely effectively as promotion tools.

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Postcards Design

In spite of the convenience that online mails offer, inviting people to various occasions through postcards is still in vogue. A well-designed postcard strengthens your branding and enhances the impact of your marketing strategy dramatically.

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Posters Design

Posters provide great visibility for all kinds of products and services. They are used to attract potential customers or inform them about offers run by a business or e-commerce site. Used for decades for advertising purposes, posters have evolved as a powerful marketing tool for outdoor events now.

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Products (label) Packaging Design

Products package designing is the key to attracting customers and influencing their decisions. Many businesses emphasize on good packaging designs that distinguishes their product from their competitors and leaves a lasting impression on their target audience.

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Book Cover Design

We judge a book by its cover, don’t we? A well-designed cover is the most important aspect of marketing the book. With millions of books on display in stores, if the cover design is not striking enough, readers tend to ignore it immediately.

A book cover is your first sales pitch; so, paying serious attention to its design is of utmost importance. Designing a book cover is an art. Our designers are industry veterans who will spend countless hours crafting designs that does justice your book.

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Magazine Design

Intro videos improve website search engine rankings by almost 53 times. Your intro and logo videos are the first and most relevant chance to leave an impression on your viewers; hence, you need to make an everlasting impact on them to come back and use your products and services.

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T-shirts Design

Looking for a stylish t-shirt that sets your brand apart from others? A little while back, trendy T-shirt designs were created only by big fashion brands. However, the concept has changed dramatically and every brand has become aware of the needs of branding and promotions through quality apparel designs.

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Bags Design

Bags are a fashionista’s best buddy! Designer bags can turn out to be very expensive, however, our designers are experts at creating stunning bag designs that will make you the envy of others.

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Stickers Design

Stickers are an essential element of print advertising campaigns as they are appealing, durable, and cost-effective. With the advent of digital printing, the possibilities vis-a-vis sticker designs are limitless now.

We use state-of-the-art technology to design even small orders of custom stickers and labels. We provide full colour custom labels and stickers of all shapes and sizes at affordable prices.

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Menu Cards Design

The menu card speaks volumes about the kind of experience and surprises your customers can expect while dining at your restaurant. Menus are your primary sales tools and are a continuation of your brand and provide an insight into your operations.

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Trade Show Booth Design

Multimedia Animators is your one-stop shop for creating attention-grabbing trade show booth designs. We provide design solutions based on your requirements and budgets. Our strategies highlight your company’s identity, your message, and your products and services.

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Billboard Design

According to a new survey, professional printing services have helped four out of five small business owners to stand out from their competitors. Billboards are one of the most visible forms of advertising. Their large presence on the sides of highways, roads and major traffic areas are seen by thousands of commuters every day. Attractive hoardings and billboards can greatly boost your marketing initiatives.

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Standee Design

Several surveys have concluded that 56% customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy marketing channel. Meanwhile, 90% consumers believe that the quality of printed materials is an indication of the quality of service the business provides. Print media marketing collaterals hence, acquire massive relevance and draw instant consumer’s attention which eventually results in product sales.

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8 Reasons why you should hire us?

Multimedia Animations offers designs, animations, videos, graphics and development services for businesses across the world. We help our clients tell their story and fulfill their visions. We are passionate about designs and our mission is to deliver quality experiences through innovation and creativity.

We’ve helped everyone from startups to SMEs and Fortune 500 companies to build simple, beautiful and easy-to-use products as we believe high-quality animations and digital solutions are your right.

4 Hours Free Trial

A free trial is a win-win situation for our clients. Find out what makes our services special and get an insight into the exceptional quality that we promise to deliver, before signing a long-term contract with us.

Free Sketches

We provide free sketches to our clients. It helps us to arrive at a mutual conclusion before a money, time and effort is invested in creating the product.

Free Tech Assistance

We offer free tech support to maximize your efficiency and ensure quick solutions without the slightest hassle.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All or nothing for us! We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied by our work.

NDA (Ownership of Work)

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed with our employees to ensure confidentiality of your information. You will have complete ownership of the work created by our team.

Transparent Work Process

Transparency is key to our association with our clients. Our relationship and work processes are devoid of any hidden agenda or malice of any kind.

Direct Communication

Our trained and knowledgeable professionals boast of impeccable communication skills which ensure zero gaps and hindrances in your project delivery.

Strict Deadlines & Stringent Budget

We promise to deliver exceptional products, within your budget and your schedule always.

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I think we have now the best artwork completed together. We appreciate the work overnight and the quality of work being done – Thank You! Quality of work you have provided for us has been great


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